Bee Glossy Kiddie Academy

Bee Glossy Cosmetics offers two services outside of selling cosmetic products, which include, the BG Kiddie Academy and a Brand Ambassador Program.

Bee Glossy (BG) Kiddie Academy: 

There are two services within the Kiddie Academy:

1. The CEO of Bee Glossy, Breana, will host an event (such as a birthday party or slumber party) to have a lip gloss making class.

2. The CEO of Bee Glossy, Breana, can create Kiddie Kits with the supplies needed to host your own event, and without the presence of Breana.

*To have Bee Glossy host a kid's party or a kid's event, the max number of children is 15 due to supply and inventory needs. This is subject to change as Bee Glossy grows.


To have Bee Glossy as a host, the fee is $175 for 2 hours, anything after 2 hours is an additional $15 for every half hour.
*Minimum reservation is 2 hours (30 minutes to set up, 1 hour to craft, 30 minutes to break down)


  • 4 colors max (this helps me try to incorporate pigments for your event and make sure I have the needed colors)
  • All of the supplies to make the glosses (such as mixing containers, lip gloss base and mixing materials and 10ml squeeze tubes)
  • We do NOT supply any seating or tables.


  • There is no travelling fee if you are 40 miles or less from Houston, TX (Greater Houston Area).
  • If the event is taking place over 40 miles from Houston, TX, the travelling fee is .50/mile.


  • A deposit is required to secure your reservation.
  • The deposit is 50% of your event price (not including the travelling fee, if applicable) and is required to secure your reservation.
  • The remaining 50% (and your travelling fee, if applicable) will be due anytime before the morning of your event.


  • If you cancel within the first 2 weeks of your reservation, you will get the FULL deposit back.
  • If you cancel anytime after 2 weeks of your reservation up to the day before the event, you will get 50% of your deposit back.
  • If you cancel the day of your event, you will NOT be given a refund from your deposit.

If you have interest in the BG Kiddie Academy, please fill out the form below.

*PLEASE NOTE: It is highly suggested that you book your reservation 30 days in advance from the day of the event for the purposes of making sure that I have all of the supplies that may be needed for your unique event.